1. Fotoplast® Lack 3

    Fotoplast® Lack 3

    For lacquering resp. “glazing” of all hard earmolds instead of mechanical polishing.

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    Fotoplast® Lack M

    For a satin finish.

  3. FotoScreen


    For a high-gloss experience.

  4. NanoScreen™ Lack

    NanoScreen™ Lack

    For uncomplicated cleaning.

  5. SoftTouch Lack

    SoftTouch Lack

    For a secure grip.

  6. Thermosoft Lack

    Thermosoft Lack

    Soft, biocompatible lacquer for the coating of Thermosoft earmolds or for an adhesive coating of Fotoplast® earmolds.

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    Innovative lacquer for high quality VarioTherm®Plus and FotoTec®DLP.flex earmolds.