Duplicating material

  1. Formasil 2K

    Formasil 2K

    Two-component silicone for the production of negativ molds, addition-vulcanizing, 1:1 mixing – also manually.

  2. Durch Automatik eingefügt!


    Special hydrocolloid gel for photopolymerization.

  3. Durch Automatik eingefügt!

    Fotogel Concentrate

    Mixed with water in the mixing ratio 1:1 before use.

  4. Fotosil


    Two-component silicone in gel consistency, addition-vulcanizing, 1:1 mixing.

  5. Durch Automatik eingefügt!


    Molding gel with a hard final consistency.

  6. Klarsil H

    Klarsil H

    Two-component silicone for clear molds, addition-vulcanizing, 1:1 mixing.