Accessories & Devices

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    Cleaning liquid

    For cleaning earmolds before lacquering and removing the grease layer.

  2. Connecting tube Dosper evo

    Connecting tube Dosper evo

    Suitable for 5 l canisters, red and black marking facilitates the allocation of the tubes of component A+B.

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    Cover plates

    For the manufacturing of shells in order to prevent polymerization from above.

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    Cromalux 75

    Handy light curing device with a halogen bulb for the polymerization of vents made of light-curing resins and for partial light curing.

  5. Dosper evo

    Dosper evo

    Automatic mixing and dosing unit for A-silicones to produce molds.

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    Fotofix faceplate glue

    Faceplate glue, helpful for manufacturing and repairing ITE systems.

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    Fotoplast® Color Concentrate

    For coloring Fotoplast® materials.

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    Polymerization bath for curing Thermosoft lacquer and for filling earmold cavities for shell formation.

  9. Material reservoirs Dosper evo

    Material reservoirs Dosper evo

    Transparent containers made of stable plastic for A-silicones.

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    Polylux 100 Set with turning motor

    The Polylux 100 is a basic light polymerization unit for repairings and lacquerings.

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    Polylux 500

    Multi-purpose light-curing unit for the lab.

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    Polylux LED

    The Polylux LED has an innovative integrated LED technology, that is especially suited for polymerization of Fotoplast®-resins and Dreve lacquers.

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    Turning motor

    Exceptionally small battery-powered turning motor.