Biopor® AB fluorescent

The addition-vulcanizing silicone fascinates with its signal colors that even shine in the darkness and so create bright moments. As hearing or splash water protection mold the fluorescent silicone offers a wide range for professional applications like in industry or in leisure time, e.g. at concert and disco visits. As splash water protection it prevents from infections in the ear.

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Material data

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Consistencymedium-bodied - Type 2
Production methods withFotoCast® SL, Fotogel, Plaster
Processing time (23 °C ± 1 °C)2:30 min. ± 30 sec.
Setting time25 min. ± 5 min. at room temperature (23 °C ± 1 °C)
Mixing canulaØ 5,4 mm
ApplicationHearing protection, BTE, water protection
Final hardness40 Shore A
Volume8 x 48 ml double cartridges of 2 x 24 ml A+B

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