Biopor® AB Xtreme

Tear-resistant, elastic and triple flexible. The first addition-vulcanizing silicone with unrivalled mechanical features up to now: Biopor® AB Xtreme has a high tensile strength, elongation at break as well as tear resistance. Hence, it is perfect for the manufacturing of fine but robust, permanently flexible silicone earmolds. Biopor® AB Xtreme can be used in traditional as well as automated manufacturing like e. g. the FotoCast®-Process. Curing is recommended in the Polymax at 40 °C which also offers the use of negative gel molds. Biopor® AB Xtreme is available in three different Shore A hardnesses: 25, 40 and 60 Shore A.

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Material data

More Information
Consistencymedium-bodied - Type 2
Production methods withFotoCast® SL, Fotogel, Plaster
Processing time (23 °C ± 1 °C)3:30 min. ± 30 sec.
Setting time30 min. ± 5 min. (40 °C / 4 bar)
Mixing canulaØ 6,3 mm
ApplicationHearing protection, BTE
Volume8 x 48 ml double cartridges of 2 x 24 ml A+B

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