Biopor® AB

is a high-quality, permanently flexible, addition-vulcanizing and skin-friendly silicone. It is suitable for the manufacturing of tear-resistant, soft-flexible BTE earmolds. Indirect manufacturing takes place in the laboratory after impression-taking or scanning. Biopor® AB offers many advantages.


  • Comfortable processing in 48 ml double cartridges (especially for the manufacture of multi-colored earmolds)
  • Alternatively also available in the advantageous big cartridge for economic processing
  • Tested biocompatibility (addition-vulcanizing silicones are absolutely emission-free and physiologically completely safe)
  • Polymerization for Biopor® AB earmolds takes only 20-30 minutes at room temperature
  • Unique color variety
  • Various final hardnesses (20–60 Shore A)
  • High wearing comfort due to a soft haptics
  • Longevity

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Material data

More Information
Consistencymedium-bodied - Type 2
Production methods withFotoCast® SL, Fotogel, Plaster
Processing time (23 °C ± 1 °C)2:30 min. ± 30 sec.
Setting time25 min. ± 5 min. at room temperature (23 °C ± 1 °C)
Mixing canulaØ 6,3 mm, Ø 5,4 mm
ApplicationHearing protection, BTE

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