Polylux 1000 N

For polymerization of adhesive coatings, ventings, shell repairings and earmolds, free of inhibition layers. The polymerization chamber is sealed completely and therefore the oxygen-free polymerization is assured. The polymerization within an oxygen-free atmosphere prevents the formation of inhibition layers on light-curing resins. Therefore the use of Glysol or other polymerization baths is not required.

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Technical data

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Dimensions H 145 x W 370 x D 200 mm
Weight 6.4 kg
Power consumption 100 watts
Light wave spectrum 315-400 nm
Lightsource 2 x 18 watts light tubes
Interior format of the polymerization chamber H 60 x W 150 x D 100 mm
Capacity 6 earmolds / 8 ITE shells (canal style)

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