Otoform® Xpand

The addition-vulcanizing Otoform® Xpand expands gently in the ear during impression taking. The impression material is advantageous for soft ear tissue, as it extends in the ear proportionally. In addition, it is also favorable for the fitting of hearing protection and power hearing aid systems. Otoform® Xpand guarantees a high sealing of earmolds. It is pressure building like a putty material, but allows a simple ear impression taking without much effort thanks to the creamy-fluffy consistency and excellent flowability.

Item no.: 2966

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Material data

More Information
Final hardness20 Shore A
Volume8 x S 50 double cartridges of 2 x 25 ml A+B
Featuresexpanding, soft, easy processing
Impression techniquepressure-forming
ApplicationHearing protection, Power and standard BTE, ITE, soft ear tissue