Earmold acrylates

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    Cleaning liquid

    For cleaning earmolds before lacquering and removing the grease layer.

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    Conical brass holder with clamp

    For fixing the earmold during lacquering.

  3. Connecting tube Dosper evo

    Connecting tube Dosper evo

    Suitable for 5 l canisters, red and black marking facilitates the allocation of the tubes of component A+B.

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    Cover plates

    For the manufacturing of shells, in order to prevent polymerisation from above.

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    Cromalux 75

    Handy light curing device with a halogen bulb for the polymerization of vents made of light-curing resins and for partial light curing.

  6. Dosper evo

    Dosper evo

    Automatic mixing and dosing unit for A-silicones to produce molds.

  7. Flask basket for Labormat TH

    Flask basket for Labormat TH

    suitable for 3 flasks. 2 flask baskets fit into the Labormat TH.

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    Fotofix faceplate glue

    Faceplate glue, helpful for manufacturing and repairing of ITE systems.

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    Fotoflex 3

    Shell-forming material for the manufacturing of flexible ITE shells.

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    Fotoplast® Color Concentrate

    For coloring Fotoplast® materials.

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    Fotoplast® Gel

    Light curing repair resin in thixotrope-stable consistency.

  12. Fotoplast® Lacquer 3

    Fotoplast® Lacquer 3

    For lacquering resp. “glazing” of all hard earmolds instead of mechanical polishing.

  13. Fotoplast® S hard

    Fotoplast® S hard

    Transparent material for BTE earmolds with hard and high break-resistant final consistency.

  14. Fotoplast® S IO

    Fotoplast® S IO

    Hard, thin shell-forming material (0.5–1.2 mm can be regulated by polymerisation time).

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    Polymerisation bath for curing Thermosoft lacquer, filling hollow spaces of the earmolds for the shell forming.

  16. Labormat TH

    Labormat TH

    Compact boiling-out for up to 6 flasks.