Traditional manufacturing

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    Fotoplast® Color Concentrate

    For coloring Fotoplast® materials.

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    Fotoplast® Gel

    Light curing repair resin in thixotrope-stable consistency.

  3. Fotoplast® Lacquer 3

    Fotoplast® Lacquer 3

    For lacquering resp. “glazing” of all hard earmolds instead of mechanical polishing.

  4. Fotoplast® S hard

    Fotoplast® S hard

    Transparent material for BTE earmolds with hard and highly break-resistant final consistency.

  5. Fotoplast® S IO

    Fotoplast® S IO

    Hard material for thin-walled shells (0.5–1.2 mm can be regulated by polymerization time) especially for ITE hearing systems.

  6. Fotosil


    Two-component silicone in gel consistency, addition-vulcanizing, 1:1 mixing.

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    Molding gel with a hard final consistency.

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    Polymerization bath for curing Thermosoft lacquer and for filling earmold cavities for shell formation.

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    Impression lifter metal

    For removing impressions.

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    Injector 400 pneumatic

    The pneumatic Injector offers a clean and safe application of Biopor® AB (400 ml cartridge) with an even pressure.

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    Injector pneumatic

    Offers a clean and safe as well as simple application of Biopor® AB materials.

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    Thanks to improved insulation a smoother surface of earmold blanks is achieved.

  13. Klarsil H

    Klarsil H

    Two-component silicone for clear molds, addition-vulcanizing, 1:1 mixing.

  14. Labormat TH

    Labormat TH

    Compact boiling-out for up to 6 flasks.

  15. Lacquer B

    Lacquer B

    Silicone lacquer which is curing at air humidity for Biopor® AB earmolds.

  16. Lacquer B eco

    Lacquer B eco

    The moisture-curing varnish Lacquer B eco corresponds to the proven Lacquer B.