3D Printing

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    The FotoCast® material is geared to the production of Cast forms.

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    Fotoplast® Lacquer M

    Fotoplast® Lacquer M with special filler is a light curing coating for hard acrylic earmolds creating a silk-mat surface.

  3. FotoScreen


    For a high-gloss experience.

  4. FotoTec® DLP.A

    FotoTec® DLP.A

    Specialist for Digital Light Process.

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    FotoTec® DLP.flex

    Direct2Print: Flexible material for manufacturing elastic earmolds and RICs on DLP printing systems.

  6. FotoTec® Repair

    FotoTec® Repair

    FotoTec® Repair is a light-curing one component resin in premium quality for the repair of ITE shells and BTE earmolds

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    FotoTec® SL.A

    FotoTec® SL. A is a laser-curing resin for the manufacturing of ITE shells and BTE earmolds on the basis of stereolithography process.

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    FotoTec® SL.E

    The versatile material for earmolds.

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    FotoTec® SL.F

    The specialist for the Stereolithography Process.

  10. NanoScreen™ Laquer

    NanoScreen™ Laquer

    The coating for hard earmolds and ITE shells creates a ”specific“ surface energy of extreme homogeneity and hardness which is especially easy to clean.

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    Pioneering technology. PCU LED is the new post curing unit for industrial applications.

  12. SoftTouch Lacquer

    SoftTouch Lacquer

    Varnish for acrylic earmolds with special anti-slip effect.

  13. SonoLux Flash EVO

    SonoLux Flash EVO

    High-performance light curing unit with Xenon-stroboscope flashlights.