Biopor® AB RT lacquer

Ideal coating for Biopor® AB earmolds on the basis of an addition-vulcanizing silicone. The Biopor® AB UV and RT Lacquer are free of solvents and odorless. Please consider the different curing systems of the Biopor® AB lacquers: Biopor® AB UV Lacquer cures with UV light; Biopor® AB RT Lacquer cures at room temperature.


  • Free of solvents
  • Odorless
  • Dipping or brushing possible
  • Skin-friendly and biocompatible
  • Shiny, durable and easy to clean surface
  • Item no.: 0834

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    Material data

    More Information
    Curing withRT Room temperature
    Curing time15 Min.
    Processability in mixed state2.5 min.
    Viscosity0.65 Pas
    For lacquering ofBiopor® AB Xtreme earmolds, Biopor® AB earmolds, Biopor® AB fluorescent earmolds, Biopor® AB light earmolds
    Volume1 double cartridge of 2 x 25 ml A+B
    TypeRT lacquer